The team

Our team brings together over 12 years of design, engineering and business experience working with Fortune 500 companies across 20+ countries on next generation interfaces, growth strategy and global operations. We’re Applied Math and Quantum Physics Ph.D. dropouts from Columbia University in New York. We wrote the first lines of code for Kimono from the Hanoi Social Club in Vietnam.

The birthplace of kimono

23 August 2013

The Founders


Before kimono, Ryan was an Associate Creative Director and Technologist in frog’s Shanghai studio where he became a master of javascript and UI development. Over the years he designed and built next generation products, filed multiple patents, published articles on innovation in China and spoke publicly about the intersection of design and technology. In school, Ryan pursued a PhD in Math where he published work on the analysis of social networks. Ryan can show you the dark sides of Shanghai on his single speed or challenge your endurance in the bamboo forest triathlons of rural China.


Before kimono, Pratap was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company in New York. His work on APIs and big data has been published in Forbes and the McKinsey Quarterly. He studied quantum physics at Columbia and Stanford Universities, where his Ph.D. research focused on spintronics and atomic nanoassembly. He loves triathlon - he won the Ivy League Triathlon Championships and was selected to represent India at the international level. In his travels, Pratap has cheated his way out of prison in Dakar and tricked carjackers in Johannesburg.